I never owned a PlayStation 1 so I completely missed out on the Crash Bandicoot games and instead was partial to other platformers like Mario on my N64. When the chance to play them on PS4 came up, I was excited to play something that was so beloved in the past and that I only had a small taste of at friend’s houses. Let me tell you one thing. If the remaster is anything like the original, I’m glad I never played the Crash series.



The game looks absolutely stunning compared to the original. The levels are vibrant and I enjoyed the few changes in the environment with different styles of enemies. They really did a complete overhaul on the graphics and sound. It was well worth it because the game shines nowhere else. For the rest of this impressions piece, I want to give a disclaimer. Remember that I didn’t play the original so I have nothing to compare it to. I also completed all the levels (with agony) in the first game but after playing a few levels in the other games of the trilogy, I decided not to torture myself anymore.



Platformers are supposed to either have tight control or maybe be a little forgiving in my opinion. This is neither. There are several levels that absolutely unforgiving that I just beat my head against over and over. Other levels are fair but controlling crash feels awful. I never really understand where he’s going to go and have to rely heavily on shadows to make sure I hit the next jump right. So combine those two aspects a couple times through the first game and you can see how it was just garbage to try and finish. Seriously, the beginning of the game is pretty good because it’s a little more breezy and I wish the whole game remained at a similar difficulty. Don’t get me wrong, I like a challenge but not for the difficulty to be me against the game but for it to come from me against myself.



There are so many issues. Bad load times. Enemies that don’t act the same as others. Platforming that seems impossible at points. Small framerate issues. Boss fights are forgettable. The story is boring. It just has nothing going for it besides the looks like a head cheerleader. I’ve also heard that it doesn’t feel like the original so not even a good remaster. One of the worst games I’ve played and been the most frustrated with in a long time. My impression is: Don’t Buy.


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