Hey there! Today I am starting a new category of posts on my review site called Impressions. These posts will be for games who could be considered incomplete, that I probably won’t end up “beating”, have a major change incoming, or a rerelease of an old title. Today’s first example will be the newly released NBA Playgrounds!


This game is the essence of okay. It plays like a combination of NBA Jam and NBA Street but has the polish of neither. At first, it seems like it should be a fun pick up and play game like NBA Jam but then you realize that the shot window is really tight and there are no indicators to when you should release the button. So that means if you have any experience whatsoever with the game you will mop the floor with someone who is playing for the first time.There’s also a stamina bar that runs out IMMEDIATELY if you try and push someone but doesn’t move an inch if you try and steal. Let me tell you something, the AI will get those steals every time. They will also hit what is called a perfect shot (release the ball with perfect timing, even on dunks) whenever they feel like it. And guess what? You get an extra point for those. P.S. You can’t see the scoreboard when you are either side of the court, which has the shot clock on it..


Not only this but in order to unlock characters, you have to play the game and level up. No biggie. However to get legend players (all the really good ones that you know and love) you have to win the tournament mode to get a gold pack where you play against the unforgiving aforementioned AI. There are 250 players and I have barely opened more than 20 packs and get repeat players constantly. At least they give you experience for that? Now comes the lottery pick. If you do cool stuff like an alley-oop or monster dunks, a blue bar at the top of the screen goes up which eventually gives you a power up. There isn’t any real indicator on what you are getting but it does add a little variety to the play style. Not to mention the commentary is self-referential and trash. Everyone is dabbing in the background when you do something cool. I just don’t like it. To top it all off, the online doesn’t work on the switch right now. It’s just rough.


There is some good news though. There is a major patch incoming that has already been released on steam that fixes some of the issues like the shot timing, steals, and online play. They want to make it better and I’m happy about that because when I picked up the game, I really wanted to enjoy it but it has so many problems right now. It needs some work but as of now, my impressions are: wait it out.

For reference: my reviews will be out of 5 and my impressions will be either buy it, wait it out, or avoid it.


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