Hey everyone!

Alyssa here. I’m married to the guy who normally writes this blog and, to be honest, I have next to no idea what I’m doing in writing this post and it was only after much discussion and pleading that I sit here to write a guest review for this game. You see, my husband is a great encourager and after we finished playing Snipper Clips together, he was like, “You should write the review!” To which I said, “No” about 10 times, then almost lost a bet to write it, and then finally decided that since I love Christian and since I am the best. wife. ever. I would go ahead and write the dang thing. So, all that to say, please bear with me..and, here we go!


Snipper Clips is a new cooperative puzzle game (thanks to C for the correct terminology) that came out this year along side the new Nintendo Switch. You can either play independently or with up to four people. I played about 98% of the time with Christian on two player mode, although my brother and his girlfriend came over one night and we played the game with all four of us. I will say, it gets a little hectic with more people, but was fun none-the-less.


The gist of the game is you are a little bell shaped piece of paper and you and your partner(s) have the ability to “snip” each other into certain shapes to solve puzzles, or, if you are my husband, you can snip your partner so many times that they have to regenerate, over, and over, and over. Apart from that main objective, there’s no story per say, but the characters are cute and very expressive with lots of funny faces as you get snipped. The puzzles range from trying to transport slime into different receptacles to trying to shoot a basketball into a hoop. The idea is that, you have to creatively “snip” each other into shapes to achieve these goals. To also help you out you can rotate, stand on your tip toes, squat and jump to get to different places on the screen.


For someone who has VERY little gaming experience, the controls are relatively easy, although I did multiple times mess up the button to jump and “snip”, so that lead to some mistakes, as I’m sure you can imagine. I would say the variety of the puzzles was appropriate, and some of the later puzzles that you unlock, capitalize on skills and concepts that you have mastered earlier in the game. I will reiterate, I played almost completely on two-player, so once Christian and I got our teamwork and rhythm down, we were able to complete levels quickly and efficiently. The night that we played four-player, was a totally different story. We got through a few levels and we just got completely stuck on a basketball puzzle that we ended up skipping. My guess is that the more players you add, the harder and more challenging the puzzles become (more people, more problems, ya know?). So, that is something to consider when you are sitting down to play the game with a larger group. Tensions and voices get high pitched and weird as you yell, “Wait, no don’t cut me THERE!”, “Let me jump on top of you”, and my personal fave, “Okay, I’m going to rotate and you cut some off my butt”.


Overall, it was a relatively short game – 3 worlds with 15 levels each. That sounds like a lot (or maybe just to me), but some of the levels, especially in the beginning can be solved in a minute or two. The 45 levels go quickly, especially if you’re on a roll. Therefore, I would have liked to see more levels, but I guess it opens a possible chance for some D.L.C. in the future (how’s that for some good game lingo). I had a lot of fun playing, and each time we figured out a puzzle there was a sense of accomplishment and eagerness to start the next one. The beauty of this game is that it really lets you get creative, and it’s interesting to see how different people’s brains work out different puzzles or how differently you could solve each puzzle in general. We even played a few levels over again because we thought, “We could have done that much more efficiently”. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying to find a newbie-friendly game for themselves or someone they are trying to get into video games. In the end, I would give Snipper Clips, 4 out of 5 sleepy amoebas.

If you’ve made it this far (and actually read the whole thing), you da real MVP. Thanks for your time.

~ Alyssa



One thought on “Snipperclips Review (Nintendo Switch)

  1. I had so much fun playing this with my partner, and feel the same as you guys. We loved trying out different solutions and definitely redid one or two to do it more efficiently.
    Great review! Look forward to following more filthy casual reviews.

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