One of my favorite series of all time is back with a reboot based on the recent Ratchet and & Clank film. I’ve played almost all of the R&C series, and enjoyed most of it (even deadlocked..) but missed out on a few pieces like Into the Nexus and the mobile exclusives. I was actually in line to get Dark Souls 3 when the cashier asked if I was there to pick up DS3 or R&C and I said, “Umm…both!” I had no idea that it was being released but I sure am glad it was on the exact same night.

For context, this is the game based on the film based on the game. Essentially that means that they made a film based on the original R&C’s events, locations, and characters but with a few additions. They then made this game based on that movie with all the new additions and updated visuals. They did a remaster collection for PS3 at one point for the first 3 games in the R&C series but this new game looks FARRRRR better than the remaster. I mean it’s really pretty. It’s essentially a new game because of the complete graphical overhaul and it uses updated mechanics from the games on PS3. The series has evolved over time and this new R&C takes advantage of every bit of that.

The weapon variety is something that is usually a big appeal to these games and its definitely present. There are plenty of old favorites and a few new weapons such as the pixelizer which turns enemies into pixelated versions of themselves. I kind of wish there were more new weapons to try out because a strong majority are old and although I love the nostalgia, if they are going to reboot the series I’m going to need some new creativity. They do use the upgrade path for weapons and allow you to customize them a small amount which leads to some good depth. One annoying thing that happened was that when I chose not to purchase the first weapon and save my bolts, the game would not cease to remind me to buy the PYROCITOR. I didn’t want it and I’m not kidding that it didn’t stop through the last level. Another issue was that just like in any game the RYNO exists and is ridiculously powerful. They give you the last piece you need to unlock it just before the final boss and because of this, the last boss is a joke. Way too easy but I guess it’s your choice to use it or not.

The story is interesting because I still remember what happens in the original game that this game is loosely based on and it’s not really the same. There are character differences for sure and for fans of the series, I really don’t want to spoil it. Many of the characters are the same however and are referential in a way that fans will love. This series breaks the fourth wall all the time and several people mention the movie or the next reboot. The boss battles are epic and the level design is consistent with the original. You get all the same epic grinds, puzzles, hoverboard races, and collectibles everyone loves. There are also appearance unlocks that you get with gold bolts that make it really fun to search them out. I had 25 out of 28 when I finished so they aren’t too hard to find either.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with the new Ratchet and Clank reboot for PS4. They’ve got me hooked and if this is the start of a new series of reboots, I’ll play them all over again. The characters are charming and witty, the weapons are powerful and creative, the areas look niceand the story twists in a fun way. Stay safe out there rangers. I give Ratchet and Clank PS4 a 4.5 out of 5 sheep.


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