I bought this game a long time ago as part of a humble bundle and proceeded to never play it. Man was I missing out. This game dude.

But in all seriousness, I wanted another game my wife and I could play together but also wanted a different style game than Yoshi’s Woolly World. She needed to try something that wasn’t traditional 2D and was more puzzled oriented rather than action but maintained a good story. She loves for games to have a solid story line and this one starts off very strong. Before we go into that, let me tell you how this game works.

In Brothers, you control one of the two brothers with the left stick and the other with the right. You control their actions with the corresponding left and right triggers as well. That being said, we started by both of us holding the controller and each controlling a brother. Now some of you may say that this takes the challenge out of it because you only have to think about controlling one of the characters. Let me then respond to you and say it didn’t last long at all. We started to take turns which quickly led to her playing most of the game while I watched unless it was a particularly creepy portion in which she gladly handed it off to me.

Okay we’re going to move into story so like I mentioned in my Journey review, there will be spoilers and you should go play the game! It’s not too lengthy so I’ll wait here.

Right off the bat, you’re thrown into a mystic world where two brothers are on an adventure to save their father who has fallen ill. Now it is very important that they save him you see because the little brother, who didn’t know how to swim, watched his mother drown in the OPENING CUT SCENE. Way to start off on a real joyous note. The story is told through grunts and people motioning to things, the only real words you get to hear are the two brother’s names. The doctor soon tells you to head to the tree of life and get something to heal your ailing father. So you set off.

Along the way you encounter several puzzles that involve the Brother’s different sizes, using right and left brain to move the Brothers to places quickly (which is not easy to say the least), and learning new mechanics such as swinging and letting go of the correct buttons. Each challenge feels fresh and uses the two control points in a new and interesting way. You also traverse several different environments, from a fogged forest, to a blood ridden war zone, all the way to a giant’s fortress. The story not being told through dialogue allows a sense of wonder and excitement for what is around each turn. You can feel the Brother’s relationship grow or distance as they go through each trial together in the hopes of saving their father. There are very funny moments followed quickly by stressful ones and once again followed by heart wrenching ones. It all culminates in a very emotional ending that is sure not to disappoint. I can’t say enough about how each moment is different than the last and how the game provides interest in even the slightest little side missions that pop up along your journey.

Overall, this is right alongside Journey as one of those games that was just perfect to sit down and play all the way through. Each encounter is just as fun and interesting as the last. The story is solid and ends up right where I expected but in a positive way. In the end, I give it 5 out of 5 invisible snow trolls.


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